Three easy payments….

Ok, so I’ve wanted to use this blog to write about some of my various adventures for a while now and have just finally gotten around to it.  I’m not saying it will be anything other than total drivel, but it will give you a little bit more of a peek into who I am at least.

Secretly, I guess not so much anymore, I have always wanted to be an amazing cook.  I have so many stories of how I am nowhere near a good cook.  The time in college, for instance, when I decided it would be a good idea to make potato soup for Erin and I.  I didn’t know you have to stir it continuously…oops.  Her exact words were, “It tastes like campfire.”  LOL  Needless to say we dumped it and went to Taco Bell. I have way too many stories just like this one.

Oh yeah one more thing…I love watching QVC at Christmas time.  I don’t know why.  I just always have.  So, I’m on QVC the other day looking for some fun Christmas shows and I see that the Today’s Special Value is a set of Gordon Ramsey cookware.  Well, our pans were on their way out, so I decided that I had to have them because it would definitely make me a better cook!

Three easy payments later…




It felt like Christmas!!!!  I unpacked all my awesome pots and pans and really felt like I was magically a good cook now.


And then I turned on the water and burnt myself.  In the words of Gordon Ramsey, “You stupid donkey!”  Hmmmm…..maybe more cook books would help????  LOL

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