Some medicine for my travel bug…

Ok, so as you may know I have a serious addiction to traveling.  I always have.  I was born into it.  My Mom was a flight attendant, so I started traveling before I was even born!  Throughout my childhood I have some amazing memories of the vacations that we took and that only fueled the fire.

Once I graduated from college, when someone asked me what I wanted to do all I could ever think to say was that I want to travel.  Well, eventually I took a job as a flight attendant and I did see a good chunk of the World before I got furloughed.

So, now I save like a mad woman so that I can plan our next crazy adventure.  This year it was a cruise and I didn’t think I was the cruise type, but it went to Egypt.  How could I pass that up??

Well, I want to go everywhere and I want to see it all.  So, I have a hard time deciding where to go and then I quickly get discouraged because it usually ends up not being in our price range.  Well, I found a website that helps with that and it’s awesome! is a really great website that gives you ideas for trips and makes booking them so easy.  I know I sound like a cheezy commercial, but check it out anyways.   🙂

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