Blue Monday :(

Christmas 2009 (23 of 9)

It’s January.  Yep, it’s cold, snowy, and gray outside.  We have a couple more months before we can even start to think about throwing off those gloves and scarves with reckless abandon and running around outside barefoot.  Oh, and to top it off it’s Monday.  Blah…  Well, it just so happens that today is Blue Monday.  That’s right some scientist got really bored and figured out that every year there is one day that is the most depressing day of the year, hence Blue Monday.

So, in an effort to make everyone’s day a bit better, here are some tips that usually help me when I’m feeling down.

1. Call an old friend and chat

2. Buy yourself some flowers

3. Have some chocolate  <—– This one always works for me!

4. Have a candlelit meal with your Honey tonight

5. Buy something nice for yoursefl (online….who wants to go out in the cold!)

6. Listen to some good pick-me-up tunes

7. Do a quick work out to get that serotonin flowing

8. Watch a funny video on You Tube (There’s tons out there!)

9. Let yourself be a little silly

10. Count your blessings

Hope these help a tiny bit and if all else fails tomorrow is another day.  🙂  If you have more tips for being happy, leave me a comment and let me know.  I’d love to hear your ideas!

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